Maya Gort


Known Edges:

Known Features:

Trainer Class: Taskmaster

Known Pokemon:

Growlithe (Dante)
Pidgey (Ironman)


Maya grew up on a large private estate with her mother and father. her father, Alejandro Gort, was a scientist of sorts who specialized in Pokemon medicines. Her mother, Wilhelmina Gort, retired from being a Pokemon trainer to become a full time mom. When Maya was just a baby, one of her father’s experiments went horribly wrong and ended up poisoning her mother. Wilhelmina fell very ill and became bedridden. Since Alejandro didn’t have time to care for both his wife and baby daughter himself, he hired Juanita, a slutty Hispanic house nurse, to care for them. Little did he know that Juanita was actually an evil temptress sent from Team Neo Rocket. She killed Wilhelmina and made Alejandro believe it was his fault. While he was vulnerable from regret and self-loathing, Juanita made her move on Alejandro, seducing him and turning him to the dark side. She convinced him to begin developing powerful Pokemon steroids and sell them to Team Neo Rocket. After many years, Alejandro finally perfected the formula, however, it often made Pokemon overly aggressive and it required the shell of newborn baby Squirtles. Underneath the Gort estate, Alejandro and Juanita created a Squirtle breeding plant in order to mass produce the steroids. They would attack trainers in the night and steal their Blastoise for use in their breeding plant. One fateful night, a young man by the name of Noda broke into the Gort estate to rescue his stolen Blastoise. He killed Alejandro, set all of the Blastoise and Squirtle free, and burned the estate to the ground. Juanita managed to escape with only a minor axe wound. As Noda was making his escape, he heard screaming and barking from the burning building. He went back and found a badly injured Maya and her trusty Growlithe trapped beneath some rubble. He rescued them both and dropped them off at the local hospital. Maya suffered a terrible head wound and lost all of her memories up to that point. Her only memory is being carried away from a burning building by a handsome young Pokemon trainer with purple hair and a giant halberd. She has decided to become a Pokemon trainer in order to find the mysterious man with the axe, the only link to her troubled and mysterious past.

Maya Gort

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